India 2013

I’m in India for the 3rd time to study with the Iyengar Family and teachers at the RIYMI in Pune. I’ll be posting pictures, comments and rambling observations along the way.

So far the biggest realization is the way technology has changed travelling since my 1st trip in 2007.  No more hanging out the window on a passed-along cell phone trying to get reception or walking to the Internet cafe to sweat with the cram of bodies and overheated computers only to have the power fail half way through downloading pictures for a blog. Free, accessible wifi plugs me in. Let’s me see my family when I FaceTime, allows me to pretend to be a mom from 11.5 time zones away. (Josh is no longer answering my texts -ha! What am I going to do from here ?!). I can check my bank account, change my travel bookings and chat with my next door neighbour.

The downside to this, of course, is that it’s very easy to stay insulated and sterile.

So, on that note, I’m logging off. Switching to airplane mode and heading out in to the chaos of India.

Stay tuned won’t you?

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