Just being Sam

Our lives are nothing more than moments.  There’s a lesson in each one of them whether we like the gift it’s wrapped up in or not.  Some are presented over and over again because they are the ones we are meant to learn the most. We miss many of them because we think we already know.  Or are too busy to pay attention.  Or we think we’re not worthy.  Often the universe keeps offering those lessons as a gift until there’s enough space in us to receive it or it gets so obvious we have no choice but to pay attention.  At some point we may learn the lesson in that moment if we can see it as a gift.  If not, it can be just another moment that really sucks, or one of lost beauty because we’re too occupied to receive it.

I had a really sucky moment earlier this week.  It was so loud and in my face that i had no choice but to be affected by it.  Thankfully, in this place where i now live (literally and figuratively) i was awake enough to receive the gift of the lesson that was presented to me in that moment.  The moments that mirror our dark side and provide an obvious experience of how we can be from the ‘other’s’ perspective are powerful.  And are just as much a gift as the moments of pure connection and joy because of our bright side.  None are to be brushed aside, ignored or taken for granted.

Moments, everyone of them, whether i like the gift in them or not, are precious.  One of the greatest gifts presented to me here are the moments when i experience the independence of just being Sam.  For the first time in my life – and it’s a fairly long one – i am realizing the gift of just being me.  Not the child of, girlfriend or wife of, mother of, or teacher or student of:…  There is no regret or sadness in this – i have many deep and loving relationships from these rolls, but for the first time in my life, for some people, I am just ‘Sam’.  And, for some people, that is good enough.  In this town of orphans, this gift is presented to many like me, who are starting new.  And, it’s one of the reasons, i think, people fall in love with this place.

It is a powerful gift.

Present.  Presented.  That which is presented to us, is not always seen as a present.  The only way it can be is if we are present in that moment.  Not everything needs to be life changing, but change will happen if we choose to take that which is presented to us and do something with it.

Learn from it.

Appreciate it.

See the joy and beauty in it.

Experience it.

Whatever the moment has for you today, are you able to see the gift in it?

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