Standing on the very edge of something safe and solid while contemplating the next step can stir up many things… excitement, adrenaline, fear, anticipation. 


Today as I stood on the edge of the peer, the metaphor it represented of my life right now was not lost on me.  The butterflies in my stomach were quietly considering ‘what if?’  Not what if I step off the edge, but what if I step into this life?  Fully. 

The move to this wonderland was prompted by many things. Things that cautioned me to take my time, see what comes, be patient, have no expectations, make no commitments…today though, it felt like I was ready to take that next step.  Not to jump, but to drop anchor.  Sometimes just as scary.

I am on the verge. Definition of on the verge of : at the point when (something) is about to happen or is very likely to happen

My butterflies are fluttering a soft encouragement.  ‘We like it here.’ They say.

Life is full of intentional irony… it also wasn’t lost on me that the stick I had been watching for (it’s different than looking) was waiting for me on my way back from the edge of the peer.  I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t walked to the edge. Nor if I hadn’t turned back.  

The butterflies settled then, knowing the wonders that brought me to this wonderland wouldn’t be forgotten or made less by choosing to drop anchor here.  Even in the settling, great change comes.