What Yoga Means to Me. Today ;)

I just finished watching a clip the Genovese boys put out on Pinkbike.com. (Google it, I have the free WordPress and can’t link) I see posts on Instagram every day from my son, Dylan, Andrea, FAR and friends that blow me away.  I feel the Kootenay mountains that nurture such passion pull at me when I witness the incredible feats these people accomplish.  I just passed my Senior Intermedaite 1 Iyengar assessment.  It is a big deal, to be sure – one that I am proud of because of all of the years of work I’ve put in to get this far, yet it pales in comparison to what I feel when I witness what I consider to be these young people’s yoga.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ has a great essay about vocations (google ‘Elizabeth Gilbert vocation’ it comes up 1 St thing).  In it she compares the difference between hobby, job, career and vocation.  What is a hobby for many people becomes a vocation for a few.  Skiing, biking…yoga.  A type of calling that cannot be denied.  The kind of calling that spurs part time jobs, relocations, budgets and sometimes a lack of understanding at the sacrifice people are willing to make when their heart is being drawn.

When we see the Instagram photo or the video clip, we see the result of passion that can turn into vocation.  It’s that simple.  What we don’t see are the 10,000+ hours that were willingly put in because of the passion that make the shot what it is.  These kids aren’t ‘lucky’. They practice and have ‘tapas’ (burning discipline) like I’ve never had.  They hurt. They fail. They lose. They get frustrated. Yet, I imagine that they can’t imagine a life not doing what they love.  Each in their own way.

And, I am speculating – but like recognizes like – I would say that what keeps them doing what they do, is the same thing that gets me on my mat. That connection to the moment that feels like magic.  Where you are so consumed in what is happening that there is no place in your mind for the to-do list, the grevance, the pain, the wants, memories or plans.  Josh has said the perfect run is the one when he’s not thinking. When I ski, it’s all I do…not my vocation! But when I’m on my mat and in my groove – I can say the same thing.  I’m experiencing.  I’m fully and completely aware of what’s happening in my body.  I’m unaware of time passing and yet I am absolutely present.  It’s what yoga means to me.  It doesn’t require a mat, or skis, a bike or the Kootenay mountians (although they help!!!), it requires passion. And for each of us it’s different.  Sometimes it pays the bills.  Sometimes it is a bill.  Sometimes it’s academics or a trade.  A canvas, or an instrument.  A Harley or a horse. Whatever it is, it’s the calling to a heart that stops time and thought.  Challenges growth and demands competency.  And, especially, creates connections that foster support when you’re willing to step into what is drawing you.

i didn’t ask permission. And I can’t imagine they’ll ever read this, but I hope they are ok with me posting some pics of what inspires my yoga. From right, clockwise: Josh, Paul, Dylan, Andrea